The Complete Guide to Video Marketing

CASE STUDY: Video Marketing

One company that is a MASTER of video marketing is Each Friday they release what they call “Whiteboard Friday”. Check it out at:

Search Engines LOVE Video

Open a new tab and search for anything in Google. More likely than not, one of those results will be a YouTube video. Google OWNS YouTube, so therefore they want to rank YouTube videos and get that website traffic. Take advantage of this by getting your brand’s video content posted to your YouTube account! Not only can you rank organically for keywords in Google search results, but you can also take advantage of YouTube video marketing via Google Adwords.

Learn more at:

CASE STUDY: How a small-town quilt shop grew into a global business

How to Create a Viral Video 

Are you taking advantage of videos yet on social media? Facebook and Instagram engagement rates are through the roof on video versus everything else (images and/or text only). So NOW is the time to begin creating videos the CORRECT way so they have the best chance to go viral! We have put together this VIRAL VIDEO GROWTH HACK guide just for our Coursenvy followers so you too can learn how to create a viral video!

Viral videos have a repeatable formula that not many people understand, nor follow and it really comes down to just a few simple steps. Let me show you an example:

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