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Like most Amazon sellers, I started out managing EVERYTHING myself. Including product research, inventory management, sponsored product ad building/managing, listing optimization and more! Then I slowly started to outsource these tasks to actual virtual assistants via Upwork or by using various third-party software. Then I stumbled upon Teikametrics!

Top Amazon sellers trust Teikametrics for a data-driven approach to scaling their Amazon businesses for growth through software and a team of Amazon experts. Plus Teikametrics is the ONLY third-party software Amazon endorses!

I am a huge fan of the Teikametrics’ Sponsored Products Optimizer. This software is the worlds only application that manages campaigns, automates keyword actions and automatically adjusts bids through powerful machine learning automation.




Teikametrics 101


How to Win on Amazon


Teikametrics = Automation

We stay ahead of our competition on Amazon with the power of AUTOMATION! Teikametrics Sponsored Products Optimizer service features include:

Create targeted campaigns for success

Never go alone again. Our experts will help you create advertising campaigns to meet your individual business goals.

Discover profitable keywords

Stop wasting time in spreadsheets. Our software is constantly finding profitable keyword opportunities from Amazon and doubling down on those winners.

Set your bids on auto-pilot

Never adjust a bid again in Seller Central. Let our algorithmic automation get you the best placement for max profitability.

Keyword actions at the click of a button

No uploading or copying and pasting. Complete all your keyword tasks in our easy to use dashboard.




Teikametrics offers marketing services for brands selling on Amazon

Teikametrics is an all-in-one software platform that helps retailers win on Amazon. It’s simply indispensable for high-volume Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) sellers looking to grow and scale their businesses.

Teikametrics’ suite of tools and services helps you on both the front end (driving traffic and visibility) and the back end (improving operational efficiency) of your FBA business.

Data is powerful, but it’s meaningless unless you know how to use it. Configuration is tricky and time-consuming. Mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars. That’s where Teikametrics come in – they’ll examine your pain points, create a strategy, and customize settings using their extensive ecommerce experience.



SP Optimizer: Introduction to the Dashboard


How does value-based bidding work?

Rather than simply ‘chasing’ your ACoS, Value-Based Bidding monitors the number of impressions, clicks, conversion rates, number of orders, and the average revenue per order. When you set your ACoS Target, the algorithm understands the percentage of the product’s sales price you are willing to commit to buying clicks. Simply put, it sets your bids to make sure you don’t over-bid and lose money, or under-bid and lose sales.


How to Set ACoS Targets for Campaigns in the Teikametrics Sponsored Products Optimizer

The ACoS Target indicates the percentage of sales you are willing to spend on advertising. The higher your ACoS Target, the more aggressive the bidding algorithm will be, and the more likely you are to increase exposure and generate sales. With a lower ACoS Target, margin is the primary focus, and you may sacrifice sales from more expensive clicks. If you are looking to improve efficiency, we recommend setting an ACoS target that is within 10 points of your campaign’s current performance to prevent throttling sales volume.

At what level do I set the ACoS Target?

This target can be set at the campaign level. This allows you to set targets based on the objective of a specific campaign and the margin profile of the underlying products. For example, if you are launching a new product your threshold for ACoS may be higher as you invest in generating traffic and collecting data. As a product matures, your focus may shift to profitability, and you may be less willing to commit a large percentage of sales to advertising.

What happens to new campaigns?

When you create a new campaign, it will be flagged in the “Campaign Performance” tab. You will need to create an initial target before bid automation will run for that campaign.

How often should I update my Targets?

We recommend reviewing targets every 2-4 weeks. The target is just that – a target. Bid optimization is an ongoing effort in which the algorithm is constantly ingesting new data and honing in on your objective.

Across hundreds of sellers, we see the average ACoS come in at ~18%. This is across all categories, margin profiles, and seller objectives. To provide guidelines on where to start, please reference the table below:

At what level do I set the ACoS Target teikametrics


Taking Keyword Actions in SP Optimizer

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