Sales Funnel vs Sales Flywheel

We use a sales funnel when discussing our Google and Facebook ads in our Coursenvy courses. At the top of the funnel, we are attracting a “COLD” audience to click our ads. This is the AWARENESS step. We do this typically by offering a solution to their problem with our product or service. Provide quality content that adds value to your potential customer.

The next step is to work them down the funnel to CONSIDERATION. The user doesn’t know our brand and they need to review our offerings, testimonials, etc. This is your time to NURTURE this lead, get them to know you and your brand. Provide more value and tailored content.

Finally, we need to re-engage and retarget this “WARM” audience to close the sale. This is the third and final CONVERSION step of the sales funnel. Get them to CHOOSE you! Offer free trials/demos if they are still hesitant.

What is the Sales Flywheel?

The marketing software company HubSpot prefers the sales flywheel method over the sales funnel. This is a three-step neverending circle that keeps customers engaged, delighted, and promoting your product for you to family and friends. The three-part circle includes: ATTRACT, ENGAGE, and DELIGHT. We suggest combining elements of both the sales funnel and sales flywheel for an optimal customer journey.

Learn more about the sales flywheel at: and how to implement the flywheel for your business:

PRO TIP: On your “BOOK A MEETING” page for potential clients, offer OPTIONS! This includes: text, email, chat, or call (we use for your call booking)

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