Ranking 1-Page Landing Pages in Google for Leads

Common questions I get from clients about leads include:

-How do I get free leads?

-How do I create a landing page/lead capture form?

-What domains should I buy for lead capture forms?

-How do I rank simple 1-page websites in Google?

Don’t fret… these are my favorite questions to answer! Let me do so in the simplest steps possible.


3 Steps to Creating Lead Capturing Landing Pages

1) Sign up for our exclusive FREE domain and discounted hosting (click the banner below):



2) Learn how to build a simple WordPress website (1-page landing page) in under 4 minutes by watching the video below:


3) Read how Glen Allsop of Gaps.com masterfully decides on domain names and ranks 1-page websites in Google: https://gaps.com/one-page-google/


That’s it!

Upload a lead capture form (learn how here: http://www.coursenvy.com/convertkit/), type up your content including relevant keywords, and publish your WordPress blog to Google via Search Console (https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/34592?hl=en).

Sit back and watch the organic leads flow in!


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