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Top Business Awards

Marketing is an important part of your business’s success! Winning top business awards is a great way to get exposure and propel your business to the next level.

As you begin to search for business awards, you will begin to see some recurring award program names… Stevie Awards®, Inc. 5000, 30 Under 30, American Business Awards®, Women in Business Awards, Dream Big Small Business Awards, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year, SCORE Award, BRASSYs, Entrepreneur Award, Best in Biz Awards… the list goes on!

After reviewing the pros and cons of all these top business awards, we landed on a clear leader! Click the button below to learn how to apply:

What Makes This The Top Business Award?

After researching the top business awards, we discovered a recurring theme…

  1. Business award programs charge a pretty penny for you to apply.

  2. There is no guarantee or money back if you don’t win.

  3. If you do win… that’s it. Here’s your trophy. Bye-bye!

The Best Business Award Program is different… in a great way! The application fee is $0. The business review committee swiftly analyzes your company and emails you with a disapproval or approval email typically within 24 hours. Once approved, you simply complete your registration which includes: a custom Best Business trophy, a press release published on 250+ news outlet websites praising your Best Business award, and you get lifetime access to 15+ professional development courses for yourself and your employees!

Why Apply for Business Awards?

Increased Sales

Selling your products and services in today’s competitive marketplace is tough. A business award or nomination can serve as a 3rd party endorsement and social proof your customer needs to win them over. The added credibility can be used to close deals, publish on your website ABOUT page for added clout, or you can even display the BEST BUSINESS trophy right in office/store… seeing the physical WINNING hardware will only help a customer feel at ease about working with you!

PR Exposure + Brand Awareness

Winning an award can add more value to your business when press websites and news outlets validate your subject matter expertise by sharing your award victory! What we love about the Best Business award is that it includes the writing of a press release (stating you won the BEST BUSINESS award) and then they distribute that press release to 250+ news outlets! Nearly every other business award charges you to apply for the award, then you either win or you don’t… that’s it. Zero ROI.

Attract Top-Tier Talent

Savvy employees want to work for the best companies! Business awards increase your stature among new recruits and help attract top-tier employees. Plus this top-rated business award includes lifetime access to professional development courses your employees can use to upskill their marketing and business growth strategies!

Help Funding + Banking

Venture Capitalists and banks often look at award lists and rankings to identify powerful companies. Awards should be an essential part of your growth strategy to help your companies funding and marketing! Winning top business awards give you the long-term social proof you need, which nearly always leads to increased company profits.

Entrepreneur Awards vs. Small Business Awards

First of all, there is no entrepreneur nor business too young, too old, too small, or too big to benefit from the credibility and free publicity that comes with winning a business award. As you saw in our list of business award programs we researched in the first section of this post, most boiled down to two types:

Entrepreneur Awards

An award specifically for the individual entrepreneur or founder is excellent for the overall PR and buzz of the company they run. But in the longterm, that entrepreneur award is connected solely to that individual person. So what if they leave the company? Poof, the press is gone with them! Now am I saying DO NOT apply for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year or Entrepreneur Magazine Entrepreneur Of The Year Award?

NO! This is still a great honor and recognition vehicle for yourself… just not so much your company. I myself was an Entrepreneur Magazine Entrepreneur Of The Year top 8 finalist in 2014. No matter what, the clout of the award is what you are seeking. Think about your LinkedIn profile or resume… What is your top acclaim or award you are promoting? If nothing, I would consider seeking awards unique to the niche you want to be a leader in!

Small Business Awards

As far as brand value and longevity, applying for small business awards (and big business awards… like the Inc. 5000 List) is the best bang for your buck. Winning a business award is something a business can FOREVER use for marketing and credibility.

Apply for the Top Business Award

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