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Tony Robbins First 10 Minutes EVERY Morning

The first three minutes

Robbins thinks about three things he’s grateful for. “I make sure that one of them is very, very simple: The wind on my face, the reflection of the clouds that I just saw,” he tells Ferriss.

This process eliminates anger and fear, he says: “When you’re grateful, we all know there’s no anger.” Similarly, “you can’t be fearful and grateful simultaneously.”

The second three minutes

Robbins focuses on “feeling the presence of God, if you will, however you want to language that for yourself,” he tells Ferriss. “But this inner presence coming in, and feeling it heal everything in my body, in my mind, my emotions, my relationships, my finances. I see it as solving anything that needs to be solved.”

The last three minutes

Robbins visualizes his “three to thrive”: three things that he’s going to make happen that day. “See it as though it’s already been done,” he tells Ferriss. “Feel the emotions.”

Anyone can find 10 minutes each morning, the self-made millionaire says: “There’s no excuse. … If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life.”

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