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Tips for Engagement on Facebook

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Looking for tips for engagement on Facebook? You've landed in the right place! First, download this free guide: How to Reach and Engage Your Audience on Facebook

Next, check out these TOP 8 Tips for Engagement on Facebook:

  1. Build and Use Custom Audiences (

  2. Market your Facebooks ads to a WIDE TARGET AUDIENCE at first (1 million+), then narrow and niche from there. Large audiences will keep your engagement costs low.

  3. As you narrow audiences, try targeting people who visit just a specific page of your website (i.e. RETARGETING). As you narrow audiences, EXCLUDE audiences as well!

  4. Experiment with Custom Audience duration (I like fresh audiences--within the past 30 days).

  5. Test manual bidding at the AD SET level. If your cost per conversion can afford it, bid the max to increase eyeballs on your ads!

  6. Split test placement at the AD SET level. Instagram placement is getting me CRAZY engagement!

  7. Track ALL conversions with the Facebook Pixel. Tweak future ads accordingly and continually A/B split test to find the best converting ads!

  8. Build an email list. Start collecting email lists via all your Social Media accounts asap! Remarketing to lookalike email lists gets great results! Learn how I get 1200+ free email signups a month here:

Continue Learning

Get access to ALL of our top-rated Facebook Ads and online marketing courses at: Join our FREE Facebook Marketing Course: How to Develop Effective Organic and Paid Strategies

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