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How to BEST use Facebook Live

Top 5 Ideas for using Facebook Live

  1. Give a behind-the-scenes look at your business!

  2. Broadcast live events that NON-LOCAL people can attend via Facebook Live!

  3. Host interviews of employees, customers, manufacturers and more. What interview would your customer base find interesting? FILM IT VIA FACEBOOK LIVE!

  4. Answer questions or comments left on your blog post and/or Facebook page (also LIVE answer questions of active viewers during the Live stream).

  5. Host pre-product/service launches! Use Facebook Live as a sort of “webinar” to launch your next product… or get feedback on your product before you do launch it!

  6. Check out these helpful links below for more Facebook Live tips!

How to Create a CUSTOM Facebook Live Poll:

Learn more in our Facebook courses included in the

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