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Chiropractic Website Design + Chiropractor Marketing Tips

In this blog post, you will learn how to generate $127,400 of lifetime ROI every month using online marketing for your chiropractic business! Facebook Ads and Google Ads get us the highest return on chiropractor marketing ad spend, hands down!

And make sure to book your FREE marketing strategy call to discuss your chiropractor practice:

–An Average Chiropractic Patient Spends $700-$1250 Per Year –An Average Chiropractic Patient Stays With a Chiropractor for 7-10 Years –Being Extremely Conservative… A New Client Will Generate at Least $4,900 In Revenue (Excluding Referrals) in Their Lifetime With a Chiropractor –We Send Our Chiropractor Clients an Average of 26 New Patients Per Month –Sending You 26 Patients a Month x $4,900 = $127,400 Lifetime Value

Why Facebook & Google Ads?

Most chiropractors rely on referrals and Yelp/Google reviews for new patients. While this is fine for breaking even with your business… we have provided true business growth for 500+ clients from HIGH INTENTION online ads via Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

With online paid search ads for chiropractors, we can target users within miles of your office that are making search queries for your exact services, but NOT finding your business because you are NOT advertising on Facebook and Google!

Chiropractic Website Design

Lead generation is the KEY to any service-based business. That is why you need to build your chiropractic website with a top-rated lead capture website builder! Learn everything you need to know in this extensive blog post: OR book a call with us at the link below to learn about us building your chiropractic website!

Chiropractor Marketing

Ready to have us create chiropractor Facebook Ads and Google Ads that fill your schedule with new patients? Contact us today about our online marketing agency services that will help grow your chiropractic business! We work month to month (no long-term contracts) with an over 95% client retention rate:

Our Chiropractic Business Case Studies

Focus on RUNNING your business! INVEST in us to grow your business!

Too many chiropractors we speak with are apprehensive about spending money on a marketing team and would rather “try it” themselves. This only leads to lost money and time you could be WORKING with patients. By hiring us you are investing in your business and hiring a TEAM to professionally build/optimize your online marketing daily and continue to fill your schedule with patients!

Contact us now so we can review your business:

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