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Amazon Seller Insurance + Product Standards

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Amazon Sellers with professional selling plans on Amazon must provide proof of Commercial General Liability insurance. In addition to this insurance, before even selecting a product to sell on Amazon, you need to ensure the product is safe to sell in the USA and meets all the standards organizations requirements, including: FDA (Food and Drug Administration), CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and many more!

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Speak with your insurance professional or lawyer before launching ANY product for sale online!

Many of these regulatory organizations have tools you can use online to check what standards your product must meet to be sold in the USA. Such as the FDA checking for lead-free certification at US customs during import. Or the CPSC fire safety requirements for apparel (check out this great tool they provide for free for checking your products requirements:

*IMPORTANT: Legal Disclaimer — We are not an insurance professional or a lawyer! All products and services are for educational and informational purposes only. Use caution and seek the advice of qualified professionals. Check with your insurance company, lawyer, or professional advisor, before acting on this or any information.

Amazon Professional Selling Plan Insurance

Pro Merchants who sell on Amazon must provide proof of Commercial General Liability insurance. This insurance, obtained at the merchant’s expense, shall cover up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and in the aggregate and must include product liability, bodily injury, or personal injury, property damage, and other requirements as stated in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. The insurance must indicate that “, Inc., and its affiliates and assignees” are added as additional insureds.

Summary of Requirements for Pro Merchant Insurance

The Certificate of Insurance must:

  • Be an original document.

  • Contain an Additional Insured Endorsement.

  • List all Pro Merchants’ subsidiaries or DBAs covered by the certificate provided.

  • Provide at least 30 days’ notice of cancellation, modification, or non-renewal.

  • Show complete insurance carrier names as listed in the A.M. Best Property & Casualty Guide.

  • Be completed in its entirety and signed.

Please note: Binders are not acceptable.

You must have Commercial General Liability (CGL), Umbrella and/or Excess Liability Insurance coverage with limits of not less than:

  • $1,000,000 per occurrence, $1,000,000 in the aggregate for products and completed operations, and $1,000,000 in the general aggregate. Such insurance must include products liability, products/completed operations, bodily injury, personal injury, broad form property damage and broad form contractual coverage.

You may also satisfy the insurance limits by using any combination of Commercial General Liability and Umbrella and/or Excess Liability insurance.

The required Additional Insured wording must be as follows:

", Inc., its affiliates and assignees
  are additional insureds, as their interests may appear"

Please mail certificates to the following address: Attn: Risk Management P.O. Box 81226 Seattle, WA 98108-1226
Or by email:

For a complete list of the insurance requirements, please see the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

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