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What's Included in the Best Business Award Program?

Traditional business award programs charge a pretty penny for you to apply, offer no guarantee or money back if you don’t win, and if you do win, you get your trophy and that’s it!

The Best Business Award Program is different, in a great way! We review your application and email you our decision within 2-3 business days. Once approved, you simply complete your registration to receive:

  • Custom Best Business Trophy
  • Press Release Published on 250+ News Outlet Websites
  • Free $300 in Yelp Ads (Optional)
  • Lifetime Access to 15+ Employee Professional Development Courses (


e.g. CEO, co-founder, marketing manager, etc.
e.g. business name, business location/s, websites, product/service, company size, etc.
e.g. Google search, Facebook ad, Instagram ad, LinkedIn, current Coursenvy student, etc.

✅ Best Business award winners receive access to a full suite of courses (the modMBA) for you and your entire staff’s professional development. You will join over 300,000 students inside!

✅ The modMBA is the #1 training program for business owners serious about increasing customers via online ads and building a 7+ figure business in 2020!

✅ The modMBA isn't just another course. It's a comprehensive and personalized, one-on-one training program built on a foundation of regularly updated step-by-step video lessons sharing what's working for our 500+ clients!

best business award

✅ The Best Business Award by Coursenvy has been awarded to businesses worldwide! Best Business award winners will receive a custom crystal trophy ($100+ value) with their personal name or business name engraved (trophy dimensions: 7″ wide x 10″ high x 2″ thick).


✅ We will write and distribute the press release ($500+ value) announcing your Best Business award giving your business the instant clout and traffic you deserve from 250+ news outlets!

Frequently Asked Questions

–> How does this work? Very simple! First, submit your BEST BUSINESS AWARD APPLICATION at the top of this page. Second, await your approval/disapproval email into our Best Business Award Program. 

–> What are the Professional Development courses? Can I see the curriculum? The courses you will gain lifetime access to include 15+ mastery courses in marketing, eCommerce, and business growth! The course bundle is called, The modMBA. These courses are a perfect way to upskill your entire staff and provide an online professional development option to yourself and employees! 

Review the 100’s of hours of content you will get lifetime access to:

–> When will we get our custom engraved crystal BEST BUSINESS trophy and our press release published on 250+ news outlet websites? Upon completion of the modMBA course (typically 4 to 7 weeks for an individual to complete part time), we will confirm your business name for the trophy engraving, as well as confirm your press release before publishing. Typically final trophies are mailed and press releases published around ~45 days after you pay/join our Best Business Award Program.

–> VALUE: You get LIFETIME access to all the modMBA courses (one login for you and your entire staff). The modMBA is a $5,353 value. This also includes your custom crystal BEST BUSINESS trophy ($100+ value). This also includes your custom press release announcing your BEST BUSINESS award ($500+ value).

–> ACCESS: Once you apply for the BEST BUSINESS award, are approved, and purchase the modMBA course bundle, you will have LIFETIME access to all the courses, 100’s of HD videos, and EVERY future update! Besides the courses, you will also get access to our PRIVATE SUPPORT COMMUNITY where I answer questions 1-on-1!

–> How long is the modMBA: You will have LIFETIME access to all the courses included in the modMBA. You can take the courses as FAST or as SLOW as you want to. We do provide a guided agenda though to complete the entire modMBA in as little as 4 to 7 weeks!

–> Will I get an MBA degree: No. Coursenvy is not an accredited university and we don’t confer traditional degrees. You will receive a Certificate of Completion for each Coursenvy course you complete in the modMBA course bundle.

–> GUARANTEE: A 30-day, money-back guarantee. No questions asked! We are so confident you’ll love our unique business mastery content and private community, that we’ll give you 100% of your money back if you don’t.


4 Reasons You Should Apply for Business Awards

Marketing is an important part of your businesses success! Business awards are a great way to get exposure and propel your business to the next level. Start by nominating yourself for business awards ASAP. Here’s what you have to gain:

  1. Sales: Selling your products and services in today’s competitive marketplace is tough. A business award or nomination can serve as a 3rd party endorsement and social proof your customer needs to win them over. The added credibility can be used to close deals, PLUS the cool trophy hardware never hurts!

  2. PR exposure: Winning an award can add more value to your business when press websites and news outlets validate your subject matter expertise by sharing your award win!

  3. Attract talent: Savvy employees want to work for the best companies. Business awards increase your stature among new recruits and help attract top-tier employees.

  4. Help land funding: VCs and banks look at award lists and rankings to find powerful companies. Awards should be an essential part of your growth strategy for funding, marketing, acquisition, and increasing profit.

Compare Top Business Award Programs

Best Business Awards

$ 1800+

  • -Application Fee $365.66
  • -Trophy $1,461.16
  • -No Press Release Promotion

Stevie® Awards

$ 1100+

  • -Up to $555 Application Fee (Trophy Only for Winners)
  • -Awards Gala Tickets $545
  • -No Press Release

Apply for the 2020 Best Business Award Program!

✅ Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Business Growth Strategies?

✅ Do You Want press exposure that will add credibility to your business helping you increase sales, recruit top tier talent, and make your brand stand out above the rest?