How to Install Facebook Apps + Best Facebook Page Apps 2017

Using just your Facebook page alone is not what Facebook intended… Facebook enables you to install Facebook apps on your Facebook page to make growth and integration seamless!

Let me walk you through how to install Facebook apps on your own Facebook business page.


How to Install Facebook Apps

1. Just type in the name of the app you wish to install on your Facebook page in the top Facebook search bar and then click the search icon. A common Facebook app I install for my clients is Instatab. This app integrates your brands Instagram feed right into your Facebook page via a TAB!

1 search for app INSTALL FACEBOOK APPS


2. Next, scroll to the APPS section of the Facebook search. Click the Use Now button next to the app Instatab.



3. Click the Install Application button.



4. Click the Facebook pages dropdown menu. Select the page you want to install the Instatab app on. Then click the Add Page Tab button.



5. Click the NEW Instagram tab in your Facebook pages tab sidebar.  Click the Application Settings link to input your Instagram @handle. You have now integrated your Instagram account with your Facebook page… giving users one more excuse to stay on your page longer and therefore reduce bounce rate!



The Best Facebook Page Apps

  1. Instatab – Integrate your Instagram feed right into a tab on your Facebook page!
  2. MailChimp – If you have a MailChimp account, with this Facebook app you can connect your Facebook page and MailChimp. You can then create opt-in forms for your newsletter, contests, etc. to display in the tabs left sidebar of your Facebook page!
  3. Pinterest – The app integrates your Pinterest feed right into a tab on your Facebook page.
  4. YouTube – Let your fans view your brand commercials/videos right on your Facebook page!
  5. Ecwid – Ecwid is a free full-featured shopping cart that can be easily added to your Facebook page.
  6. Woobox – This app is a suite of viral promotion apps for sweepstakes, contests, HTML tabs, coupons, Pinterest tabs and more.
  7. SurveyMonkey – Create surveys. Get answers.

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