iMovr Desk Review – The Best Standing Desk Converter

What is the Best Standing Desk Converter?

Let’s face it desk jobs can be boring, sitting around all day, no mobility, no change in posture and the same monotone view of your computer screen. Studies show that people that stand most of their day tend to live longer than those who sit for the majority of their day. Although standing desks are very convenient, they are not always the best fit for everybody. Sometimes the prolonged standing is too overwhelming or harsh on the body. Therefore, I present to you the ‘Standing Desk Converter’…  and precisely, I’ll go into detail of my favorite brand with this iMovr desk review!

iMovr Standing Desk Converter

This mechanism allows you to alternate between your average sitting desks to a standing desk that can adjust to the height of your preference. You can switch between sitting and standing at your desk. This can really help you concentrate on the task at hand.

Here are some of the many benefits of owning a standing desk converter:

  • There are an immense amount of standing desk converters, no matter your budget, requirements and/or preferences, there’s an option for you.
  • They occupy a very small amount of space as the layers can fold together and outward both in a manner that simply elevates or lowers the desk but does not expand it horizontally. This makes it great for small spaces, whether it is your home office, job office, or wherever you may occupy this device.
  • The standing desk converter (when in a standing desk setting) provides many health benefits, such as; reduced risk of obesity, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced risk of cancer and reduced risk of metabolic problems.
  • To install, and/or build a standing desk converter is a fairly easy project, which makes it a very suitable choice for any desk user. Most stand up desk converters are easily integrated, such as the iMovr ZipLift Standing Desk Converter which simply requires for you to place the device on top of your current desk, no drilling or effort of any kind!

Top 4 Best Standing Desk Converters

  1. iMovr ZipLift Standing Desk Converter

    This standing desk converter is the best by far! It has a very modern, clean and silky design available in black and in white. It maneuvers up and down with a silent gas-strut enabled Z-lift (ziplift) mechanism which allows you to adjust the desk at your height preference. You may do this by simply squeezing clips located on the left and right side of the gadget, and then let go when you have reached your determined height. One of its most unique features is the adjustable keyboard tray, for comfortable hand positioning (it also features an adjustable monitor). It accommodates practically any monitor arm with center grommet hole and it supports up to 35 pounds. The desk converter itself weighs 40 pounds and is 27.5 by 38 by 8 inches. All this for only $349. Buy on Amazon at:

  2. Winston Sit Stand Workstation

    This item follows a different design called a post and base standing desk converter. This converter is available as a single, dual, or triple monitor configuration, which also includes ergonomic monitor adjustment. It uses electricity to adjust the height with the touch of a button. It can also remember your height for sitting and standing. Its overall design is very sleek, clean looking, can fit on any table, and has an extensive workspace. It has quite a sturdy and strong structure, able to hold up to 40 pounds. It weighs approximately 84 pounds and is 28.7 xby30 by 45.5 inches. And you can get all of this for the reasonable price of $679.

  3. Helium Junior Standing Desk Converter

    This is yet another type of converter that is similar to a monitor arm (a counterbalance mechanism), which hovers over your keyboard and monitor over your desk. It’s very compact design is convenient for small workspaces, therefore it’s relatively lighter than most standing desk converters. It has a very innovative and attractive design available in black with a single or dual monitor. Another advantage of the Helium Junior is the effortless installation that simply requires for you to clamp it on the edge of your desk. Its height restrictions make it best-fit for average-sized users. Despite its minuscule weight, it can hold up to 24 pounds and its dimensions vary. It’s simplicity at its best and is available for $430.

  4. Electric Kangaroo Desktop Riser

    This contraption possesses almost the exact same design and structure as the ‘Winston Sit-Stand Workstation’ – post base design and electric. It also features dual ergonomics (work surface and monitor adjust separately), adaptable height with their “stopping bolt” feature, and you may have it in the color black, maple, cherry and putty. Its weight capacity is a staggering 150 pounds. The main reason why this great mechanism has not surpassed its competitors is mostly due to the fact that the Kangaroo is a bit less “pretty” than some other, less-performing desktop risers. But, you may purchase this item starting at the amazing price of $699.

iMovr Desk Review In-Depth Videos

After reviewing all these standing desks, the standout was the iMovr.

Watch my iMovr desk review video and unboxing video below:

And finally my in-depth iMovr desk review video:

Remember to follow the health guidelines we mention for standing desks in this blog post:

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