How to Spy on your Competitor’s Facebook Ads

Did you know that you can spy on your Facebook competitions ads?! Yes, it’s true! Via the INFO AND ADS option on every Facebook Page, you can spy on your competitors Facebook Ads.

See in the image below. In the left sidebar of any Facebook Page using Facebook and Instagram ads, the option INFO AND ADS will appear:

Read below to review what is in the red highlighted square above on Facebook:

What’s this page about?

  • Facebook is showing you ads this Page is currently running on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Company Products to provide more transparency into advertising
  • You’ll be able to see ads here that you may not see in your News Feed, if you aren’t part of the advertiser’s intended audience
  • Offers, special pricing and other details may not apply to you

Are these all the ads from Coursenvy?

  • Sometimes ads are created that could show a very large number of products, depending on what might be interesting to the person viewing the ad. The ads shown here may only be a sample of all those versions and products.
  • Also, ads that appear across various Facebook products may have different layouts and formats from what you see here

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