How to Make Membership Sites for Free

We are all about the MVP model… Minimum Viable Product (more info on MVPs from Eric Ries book — The Lean Startup). Don’t spend a bunch of time and money upfront setting up a complicated membership website. Plugins like MemberPress or Restrict Content Pro are just that… timely and costly!

Test if your subscription/service even has demand with a simple and FREE membership site! Here’s how…

Step 1

Create a free blog or website. Check out this blog post for an exact step-by-step guide:

Step 2

Design a sales page. Copy the tactics LeadPages teach for EPIC landing pages!

Step 3

Create a password protected page.

Step 4

Add your “secret” content to this password-protected page. For example, say you are providing your members with a  free course, you can HOST your course videos on YouTube via an UNLISTED video then embed them on this password-protected page.

Step 5

Distribute passwords to your private page via a sign-up form (created in MailChimp or ConvertKit). At the bottom of your sales page, paste in this signup form. Then in the sign-up automation emails, enable an automation email to include the link to your password-protected page AND the password.

Win-win… you test your subscription demand AND get a new email address!

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