How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website

A common question we get from students is how do I create an affiliate marketing website and where do you suggest hosting our website? First, you can master affiliate marketing in our free courses at:

At that link, we will also teach you some products and services you can promote for an affiliate commission.

For example, we host many of our client’s websites on the web hosting platform SiteGround. We are an affiliate partner for them and the buttons below are links to their offerings you can check out for yourself!

Why Choose SiteGround Website Hosting

SiteGround is a great fit for many website owners (especially our WordPress clients). Nearly 100% of our affiliate marketing blogs and niche websites are built on WordPress (for example, this Amazon affiliate review blog).

SiteGround is the only website host with a custom in-house built speed booster which drastically speeds up WordPress website performance! Besides this software, they also offer fully managed WordPress hosting. Plus all the SiteGround plans have a lot of free features like email service, CDN and SSL, daily backups, latest PHP versions, HTTP/2 protocol, excellent support, and many more.

Now let’s build a WordPress website on SiteGround!

How to Build a WordPress Website on SiteGround

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