How to Create a Sales Funnel on Facebook

Facebook Sales Funnel

I really like this visual of how to create a sales funnel on Facebook. So first off, the top of the sales funnel or the upside down triangle is posting engaging and shareable content. You’re constantly posting images, videos, infographics, helpful blog posts, sharing other pages content, sharing other YouTube content…

Your goal is to attract and bring people to your page! This is the top of the funnel, where we are building interest. Next, we have offers and promotions. We want to provide incentives that appeal to our visitors! So this includes providing that free content to capture the email… providing a newsletter to capture that email… These are those low threshold items that turn a fan into a lead.

So I’ll say lead generation or lead capturing a lot in our Facebook Marketing Mastery course (which is included in our modMBA course bundle)… what I mean by this is turning that Facebook ad engagement or website visit into someone that I can potentially market to via:

A. Remarketing ads on Facebook (via Custom Audiences and the Facebook Pixel —  see our modMBA course to learn more)

B. Email marketing campaigns

Now finally we’ve built the trust… we’ve helped that customer answer some questions about this service or product. Now we offer the promotion, we send out the deal, the coupon code, whatever it may be but we turn that lead into a sale!

That’s why we call it a funnel! It starts with just attracting them, then it provides value and engaging content to capture that lead, and then we convert that lead into a paying customer!

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Build Your Own Facebook Sales Funnel

Grab a piece of paper and draw your own businesses sales funnel! What content has value in your niche that you can create and giveaway in exchange for an email address? What should you include in your videos? What value does your business provide potential customers? Start brainstorming NOW!


My top 3 secrets to creating a lead generation sales funnel that converts are… [click the link below to continue reading this blog post]

Good luck!

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