How To Add Google Analytics To Shopify

After you have created a new Tracking ID in your Google Analytics account for your Shopify website, you will need to add the Tracking ID to your Shopify backend.

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, follow these instructions:

Copy/Paste Your Tracking ID

First, login to your Google Analytics account and then select your new Shopify website in the top left corner.

1 – Click the Admin “gear icon” in the bottom left corner.

2 – Under the “Property” menu, select “Tracking Info”.

3 – Click on the “Tracking Code” link.

You have the option to paste the “Global Site Tag” coding into your website’s <head></head> section


You can simply copy the Tracking ID and then navigate to your Shopify admin –> Online Store –> Preferences –> paste the “Tracking ID” in the Google Analytics field on this Preferences page (which will be:


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