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getAbstract In Depth Review

“Leaders must be readers” is a famous and a really true quote! This is not just applicable to the young business people, but also to the most seasoned ones. Reading and learning reminds you of concepts and helps keep them on top of your mind. From strengthening your core concepts to learning new trends and techniques, there are endless reasons why reading is critical for business people. But with so many responsibilities in business… every individual or business is pressed for time! Sparing time to read in such a time constricted environment is often seen as a challenge by many professionals. This is exactly where getAbstract comes into the picture. The getAbstract team analyzed the need to make essential lessons from business books in a quick-to-read format (typically 10-minutes or less).

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About getAbstract

getAbstract Inc. is a Swiss and US-based corporation founded in 1999. They create short abstracts of business books and deliver the knowledge in summaries. The company was founded by Thomas Bergen, Patrick Brigger and Rolf Dobelli. The concept arose out the need to put knowledge in hands of people in a quick and easy to access manner. The knowledge summaries they deliver are available in English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese and French.  They have a network of more than 450 publishing partners and offer the latest and most sophisticated books. The company transforms non-fiction books into short 10-minute summaries that are concise and relevant. Short concise summary is easy to absorb and understand and helps professionals in staying updated.

The prime objective behind this idea is that individuals can gain knowledge through summaries without spending a lot of time in reading a book. They offer Android and iOS apps for getAbstract. Currently, several of the top corporations and knowledge-driven firms across the globe use getAbstract. They proudly state that they have more than 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies as clients. The access to getAbstract library is subscription based.  Their library consists of over 10 million subscribers and more than 8000 book summaries. The summary in getAbstract is termed as “abstracts”.

Features of getAbstract

Reading a book takes time, but professionals nowadays don’t have time (especially our team at Coursenvy). So getAbstract is our best resource for nonfiction summaries!

  • Concise and relevant summaries of books
  • Cut through information overload and gain knowledgeable information
  • Overcome the knowledge gap and keep employees up-to-date
  • Put your organization at a competitive advantage
  • Comprehensive package for small and medium size business

Business Books

Business and management books provide support and inspiration to face different business challenges. There are several known business management gurus, business leaders and more who provide valuable advice to future leaders.

For business books, using getAbstract has following features –

  • Learn key points from the book in less than 10 minutes
  • Book summaries are available in multiple languages
  • Wide library that features thousands of popular business books
  • Easy to read eBook format
  • Audiobooks to listen to book summary while on the go
  • Supports Mp3 file format
  • More knowledge on successful business tips
  • Special book summaries on sales and marketing
  • Leadership and management book summaries from world business leaders

Economic Reports

Knowledge of economy and condition of global financial markets is important for any business. By looking at a business through economic perspective, it is possible to gain and overall picture and make better business decisions. To help business owners and professionals stay updated with current economic condition, getAbstract offers summaries of economic reports.

  • Get News and updates on trending economy-related topics
  • New reports added each month to the library
  • Economy Reports on a range of topics like global markets and more.

How it Works

There is a fixed template followed in every abstract to ensure retention of knowledge. The template aims at maximum knowledge transfer in less than 10 mins. One abstract of a getAbstract consists of –

  • Rating
  • Top takeaways from the book
  • A full summary
  • Significant quotes from the book
  • An author biography
  • Other key must know points

Different formats to choose from

  • getAbstract can be used across different devices and multiple platforms. From web to apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry, you can access summaries anywhere. Users can read summaries in their eBook reader or directly in web browser.
  • To access summaries on-the-go, users can download the getAbstract app on their smartphone or tablet. All the apps are available for free in the respective app store.
  • To simply hear summaries, users can go for the audio summaries that can be played on MP3 player.
  • To read summaries in paper format, users can choose PDF format and take a print.


getAbstract offers a wide library of summaries at one of the most competitive rates in the market. They also have special solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Users can opt for a free trial that offers complete access to getAbstract database to see what they offer. They can then make an informed choice based on their experience.

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