Get Facebook Page Likes (WITHOUT Retargeting Current People Who Like Your Page!)

Ad fatigue is REAL! Too many of our clients are just blast marketing their entire audience over and over again. Segmenting via custom audiences is CRUCIAL for moving your audience through your sales funnel. But one of the first and most common errors I see is clients seeking Facebook Page Likes targeting their CURRENT page like users. NO NO NO! This will potentially anger your audience or even prevent them from looking at your future ads that are for them (via blocking or unfollowing you)!

So when creating your next ENGAGEMENT > PAGE LIKES ad on Facebook, at the AD SET level, make sure to EXCLUDE your current Facebook Page audience from this ad campaign. See the screenshot below:

exlclude page likes facebook

Under the AD SET level > CONNECTIONS, choose to “Exclude people who like your page”, then type in your Facebook page name.

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