Facebook Ads Manager COMBINES with Power Editor

Today Facebook announced an exciting change to the way you create, manage and measure your ad campaigns. Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor are now combined into one easy to use interface!

What’s new?

You’ll now be able to see and create all your ads in the new Facebook Ads Manager. New and updated features include:

  • Two creation workflows to choose from

    • Quick Creation Flow
    • Guided Creation Flow
  • Import/Export and Duplication functionality
  • Automatic Drafts
  • Easier Reporting

What about my data?

Your ads and saved data won’t be affected.

Facebook Ads Manager COMBINES with Power Editor

Update September 2017

So Facebook combined their Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor into one platform called “Ads Manager,” so that it is easier to create and manage your ads in one place. Facebook will gradually roll out the new interface, advertisers may notice some differences.

So what does this mean for you? If you’re currently using Power Editor, you won’t notice any changes with ad creation and management except the new name. If you’re currently using Ads Manager, you may notice some new features:

  • New workflow for creating ads: The updated Ads Manager allows you to create a draft campaign and then later create your ad sets and ads. You can use this workflow if you’re an experienced advertiser, and you want the option to complete campaign steps out of order. You can also use the original ad creation workflow.
  • Review draft items: Every time you make a change to an ad, you must use review the changes under Review Draft Items and confirm the changesYour changes will not be applied until you confirm the edits under Review Draft Items. If you want to delete an ad, you must also confirm the deletion through the same process. Learn more about changing your ads.

Watch the video below for a brief overview of the new features:


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