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Duke University study: Children with this trait live longer – Is self-control the secret to a longer life? Is self-control the secret to a longer life?

How would you validate your startup idea? – The problem is to validate a startup idea and the solution is to find the closest way to mimic your ultimate customer offering.

4 Tips to Avoid Influencer Marketing Catastrophes – Influencer marketing usually goes one of two ways, it either results in glowing successes where the returns are staggering or it results in epic fails where it takes the company months if not years to recover.

How To Choose A Business Name That’s Right For You – Choosing a business name isn’t easy, but these steps will set you up for success.

How to Generate Leads From YouTube Live – YouTube Live is a vastly underutilized tool that should be in every marketer’s arsenal. It’s easy to look at your Live video options and think that Facebook is enough, but that just isn’t so — not to say that Facebook Live isn’t important. 

How to Change Your Life Through the Power of Suggestion, With Science Journalist Erik Vance – This week we’re learning how we can use hypnosis and the placebo effect to our advantage, with help from science journalist Erik Vance. 

Stop Talking In Cliches: 4 Tips for More Creative, Original Marketing – When I was a little girl, every newspaper and TV channel sounded exactly the same. 

Today’s Trending Searches

#1 – Alabama vs Ohio State – Alabama vs. Ohio State score: Crimson Tide dominant in win over Buckeyes

#2 – Browns vs Steelers – Steelers’ Claypool: ‘Browns are going to get clapped’ by Chiefs in Divisional Round

#3 – Bitcoin – Bitcoin slide renews fears of ‘the mother of all bubbles’

#4 – Doug Pederson – Philadelphia Eagles change course, fire head coach Doug Pederson after five seasons

#5 – Hard Rock Stadium – Surreal scene at Hard Rock Stadium grim reminder of difficult college football season

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