Enhanced Brand Content Detail Pages

How do you create Enhanced Brand Content on your Amazon product listings?

Enhanced Brand Content allows you to enhance the product description section with additional images and text. The Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) feature (commonly referred to as the A+ tool) enables brand owners to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs. Using this tool, you can describe your product features in a different way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. Adding EBC to your product detail pages can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.

To access this Amazon feature, just login to your Amazon Seller Central account > click the Advertising tab > click the Enhanced Brand Content option in the dropdown menu

Enhanced Brand Content Detail Pages

On this page you will build Enhanced Brand Content pages with Amazon’s configurable templates. So just type in your product SKU and click the Get Started button.

Next, select a template and add your content.

Finally, submit your EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) for reivew!

The benefits of Enhanced Brand Content

There are some obvious benefits to being able to add content to your product listing description:

1 – Appeals to more shoppers. Whether you scan things, read every detail or LOVE more images, this type of content is more likely to convert a wider range of customers.

2 – Increases sales!  Improving your listing can equal more sales and more profits. Amazon rolled this feature out with BIG brands first, so it is safe to say that Enhanced Content equals more sales!

Changing your product listing from a regular listing to an enhanced listing might be a way to improve your conversions and profits. Now you can try it for yourself right within Seller Central!

3 – It’s free to use!

4 – It’s only available to sellers who have their products in Amazon Brand Registry (sign up here: https://services.amazon.com/brand-registry.html)

The disadvantages of Enhanced Brand Content

1 – All EBC content is being approved by human beings, so you can get away with less. A lot of the content that we had disapproved was in our previous listing. This means that you may need to remove copy that you previously knew was working well for you.

2 – It takes a while to get approved. From my experience so far it can take a day to over a week to get your EBC approved.

3 – You really must have high-quality images and graphics as well as engaging content. If you don’t have these, then it’s time to get to work.

4 – There isn’t much room for personalization or customization. Amazon limits sellers to five templates.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) FAQ

How do I get access to create EBC pages?

This tool is only available to brand owners, so you must register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry. Brand Registry is not open for media, video, digital, or book categories.

Why should I add EBC to my listings?

You can use this opportunity to answer your customer’s most common questions by providing relevant product details that may help drive more rapid purchase decisions and can reduce the likelihood of having products returned.

Can I add video or comparison charts to my content?

At this time, we do not have self-service access to video uploads or comparison charts. We are constantly listening to seller and customer feedback and are developing the most impactful and relevant features. Any new features will be announced to all registered brand owners, so ensure that your brand is registered to receive these updates.

Is there a fee for creating content?

The tool is in a promotional period where we will not charge a fee. When a fee is implemented, your existing content will remain on the detail page. If we implement a fee, we will make an announcement in the EBC tool ahead of time so that you know about any change.

I received an error message that an ASIN has a retail contribution. Why is that?

This message means that the ASIN has content contributed by a retail team at Amazon. You might see this message if you previously sold this product to Amazon Retail or if Amazon had to edit content on your ASIN because it violated our guidelines, among other reasons. We are currently unable to give you access to add EBC to these ASINS, but we are actively working to resolve this to let you publish content to these ASINs in the future. We will make an announcement in the EBC tool after we open access to add content to these ASINs.

I received an error stating that “The ASIN referenced by this SKU is not recognized as part of your brand.”

This message means that the ASIN is not properly being mapped to your brand. This is usually caused by inaccurate listing data on the ASIN. You can update the data by selecting Edit on that ASIN in your Manage Inventory tools in Seller Central. The most common data points that need updating are:

  1. The brand name listed on the ASIN does not match the brand name as approved by Amazon’s Brand Registry. These need to match 100%. Adding spaces or hyphens will lead to a mismatch.
  2. Inaccurate GTIN or Key Attribute. When you registered your brand, you provided a GTIN or selected a Key Attribute (KA). This attribute must be included in your ASIN listing data. The most common GTIN/KAs are:

    1. UPC
    2. Part number
    3. Model number
    4. Style number
    5. Catalog number

Does the current product description remain on the ASIN after adding EBC?

No, the EBC page will hide the current plain-text product description. Ensure that your EBC page includes all the necessary details from the existing product description field from the detail page if you feel they are needed.

Can I publish my content to “From The Manufacturer” on the detail page?

No, this section is reserved for EMC A+ content from retail vendors. EBC from sellers shows in the Product Description section of the detail page.

Do I have to fill the entire template with images and text?

No, the templates represent the maximum amount of content you can upload. You can leave image or text boxes empty and still produce quality content. We do suggest that you include both images and text to achieve the desired result of providing the buyer with the most thorough content.

What ASINs can I add content to?

You can publish content to all ASINs that you own as a Global Catalog Identifier (GCID) registered brand owner, and have an offer for. If the ASIN has ever had a contribution published by a retail vendor, your content will not be published.

How many submissions can I have at once?

The system allows you to have 20 pending submissions at one time.

Should I edit the parent SKU or child SKU?

This differs by category, but if you select the incorrect SKU, the system will prompt you to add content to the proper SKU. For instance, “for this category, please enter content at the parent SKU level.”

My content is not showing on the detail page, what should I do?

Look at your EBC dashboard to ensure the content has already been reviewed. If the content is rejected, revise and resubmit. If the page shows “published” but your content is not on the detail page, then contact Amazon Seller Support to report the issue.

Will my image size vary when I upload them?

Your images will be resized to fit the maximum sizes listed next to each template box if they are too large. But the images will not be resized if they are smaller than the template limits. You can crop and scale your images directly in the tool.

After I submit my content, how long will it take to appear on the Detail Page?

Your contribution will either be published or rejected with necessary revisions outlined in the rejection reason within 7 business days of submission into our systems. During the moderation process, your submission will show as “in review” in your EBC dashboard.

Can I edit content I submitted for an ASIN?

Yes, you may make edits to the content in the Enhanced Brand Content page accessed from the Advertising tab in Seller Central. The submission will go back through the moderation process, but your existing content will stay on the site until your new submission is published.

Can I begin my page and finish it later?

Yes. Be sure to save your work before you exit the application, or your work will be lost.

Can I use HTML on this tool?

No, we do not allow HTML content.

What should I do if I see “reduce KB size” when I preview my content?

Our system has a maximum size limitation for the content you submit. This is a system requirement that cannot be overridden, so you must fix it before submitting. If you receive this error, then you likely need to reduce the file size of the images you attempted to upload or reduce the number of images added. All templates can have content added to every slot and still remain within the size limit if you adjust the image file size properly.

Can I copy content from one ASIN to another?

Once you publish content to one ASIN, you can copy that content to other ASINs in the same ASIN family using the copy to functionality offered on the creation page. To copy content to ASINs outside that family, you need to open a template for your new ASIN and select the select from feature. Enter the SKU of the page you want to copy from.

Is this the same as Amazon Business Enhanced Content?

No, the Amazon Business Enhanced Content tool lets you upload separate file documents to the detail page. The EBC tool lets you enhance your product description with additional rich media assets.

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