How to Eliminate Standing Desk Fatigue + The Best Standing Desk Mat

Standing desks are the latest trend in office furnishings. Not only do they provide a more comfortable posture and position while working, they also have great health benefits.  This includes the use of a standing desk (along with a standing desk mat) regularly as opposed to a standard sitting desk. For example, using a standing desk regularly can burn an extra 306-750 calories per week.

Overuse of sitting desks (sitting in general), or carrying out a “sedentary” lifestyle, could cause grave health risks. Recent studies have shown that sitting around in front of your TV for only an hour can remove 21.8 minutes of your life. I bet you can figure how hours and hours of sitting might take a toll on your body and overall image.

But, like every piece of revolutionary technology, this item also has its flaws. The main issue users have with the standing desk is the tiring after using it over long periods of time.

So, today I will provide you with some easy and quick solutions:

  1. Buy a Standing Desk Mat (our fave As its name clearly states, a standing desk mat is designed to provide comfort for any position you may take while working. Their design provides physical ease for your body and it makes transitioning between standing and sitting much easier. They provide a sturdy platform that is simultaneously healthy for your feet. In addition to that, they are resistant towards most damage and stains, and it is fairly easy to clean. I can assure you investing in a standing desk mat will rid of your fatigue, and have you happier and healthier within days!
  2. Try taking small breaks in between working: It is healthy for your body to be active and standing is good exercise for your muscles. Nevertheless, doing so for a long period of time (especially over a hard surface, which you can fix by using a standing desk mat) is harmful to your body. You should shake out your legs or maybe sit down for a bit throughout your work.
  3. Maintain your posture: Posture is very important. If you are in a position that is very unnatural and harmful towards your body, you could end up with a cramp due to all the straining on your ligaments and muscles. However, you should change your standing position just make sure it is in such a manner that will not twist your spine too much or stretch your muscles too far. Doing this efficiently you will have less fatigued while using your standing desk.
  4. Use proper footwear: Working at your desk usually means you are not about to complete a simple task, but rather preparing yourself to do an essay, check social media, browsing the Internet, checking on current events, etc. We all know this can take hours. Completing all these tasks at your standing desk means your feet will also be working for hours. Therefore, using appropriate footwear is crucial, it must be something that provides support for your foot, but is comfortable as well. Tennis shoes or ankle boots (no heel) are recommended for these kinds of tasks.
  5. Proper use of the computer: This factor is just as important as keeping a correct standing posture. Here are some key elements to use a computer the right way in order to avoid standing desk fatigue:
  • Your arms should be positioned at a 90-degree angle (downward slopping up to 15 degrees is optimal) when typing/standing
  • The computer screen should be eye-level
  • Make sure your computer monitor is at least an arm’s length away
  1. Give it some time: When you first switch to a standing desk, you are definitely going to feel different and awkward, but give it a week or two and you will feel much more comfortable and happy! Soon you will be noticing all the benefits of having a standing desk!

I personally use and love the Topo by Ergodriven | The Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat. I have been standing on this beaut for 60 days straight now and will say the difference is NIGHT and DAY! I was tired by noon before just standing on the floor. BUT now I stand in my SOCKS only for 12+ hours… no issue on the TOPO by Ergodriven!

The most effective way to reduce tiredness while using a standing desk, is with a standing desk mat. However, if you are in search of a more economic solution, any of the methods above are definitely what you need!

WARNING: If you are pregnant do not use a standing desk, as it may cause extra distress on your body or drowsiness.


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