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The modMBA

Prepare Students for In-Demand Business Skills & Careers

Coursenvy was founded in 2015 and created this top-rated course bundle, The modMBA, to teach students the skills that are required in today’s modern business world. The modMBA is not a degree program, rather a collection of top-rated online courses for ages 15+. Your students will learn the most in-demand skills inside our 100% virtual courses via exploratory real-world learning and experiential projects, including creating and pitching a business idea to startup investors! Join over 300,000 students who have been upskilled in our business and marketing courses!

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The modMBA Business & Marketing CTE Pathway

CTE Classes Included in The modMBA:

Each student will get access to the over $5,000 worth of courses listed above!

What is the modMBA?

The modMBA is Coursenvy’s flagship course bundle
and business pitch competition!

In the first module, students will learn how to create a business idea and pitch deck. Student’s business pitches are reviewed/critiqued by an actual venture capital firm monthly, enabling students to enroll and partake in the modMBA at any time throughout the year! You can sign up for our business CTE program at any time, year round!

Each student will also get access to over $5,000 worth of courses inside the modMBA. All the engaging content is updated multiple times per year, so it is always current!

Students can choose to receive 2 college credits from Fresno Pacific University for completing the modMBA (college credit is optional – college credit costs are separate and paid individually by students).

Join Over 300,000 Happy Students

Your entire school can enroll by simply paying our annual flat rate. Upon payment, we will issue you signup details for you to share with your students, staff, and faculty. Anyone in your school-wide system can gain access to our CTE program, The modMBA

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Amplify Local Small Businesses + Launch Digital Careers

 We equip young adults with 21st-century skills that prepare them for digital marketing careers, eCommerce jobs, and small business ownership. Our modMBA program enables students to learn from anywhere with an internet connection!

With increasing automation and fewer entry-level jobs, unemployment for recent grads is skyrocketing! The modMBA trains jobseekers in-demand online skills and empowers local economies by increasing graduate employment rates.

Take for example our student Christos, he used the digital marketing skills he learned to start a marketing agency for local small businesses:

"I have received at least 100x ROI. I have 8 local restaurant clients now, a very good stable income and the business is expanding."
christos o
Christos Orfanidis
Advertising Agency Owner
"Coursenvy's modMBA was a real eye-opener for me! Each module was constructed very carefully and thoughtfully. I felt it was a great attribute to my learning experience. I especially enjoyed the special weekly exercises, which personalized the experience for me. The Capstone Project was great too."
Nicole Yeager
"I'm currently running a $2M business with 6 employees in France thanks to some Coursenvy courses. I strongly encourage all of you whatever your background is to enroll at the modMBA program."
N. Ram
"Enjoyed every section. Every section was interesting and added more value while I worked on the side to apply my knowledge to whatever I kept learning. Thank you for such an insightful course! Keep creating great content!"
J. Hussain