Best Theragun Alternative 2020

Can’t afford a Theragun or just looking for a better option? We have tested many percussion massage therapy tools and found the best Theragun alternative…

Sonic LX Professional Percussion Massage Tool

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The Top Percussion Massage Tool

After sitting in a chair all day at the office and then jumping right into exercise after work, my neck, shoulders, back, and muscles, in general, have been stiff and sore the past couple of years. Maybe I am just getting old, but I had enough, to say the least. I began to research solutions online and most came back to a few options…

1. Get a massage monthly or bi-weekly (not cheap!)

2. Visit a chiropractor (still expensive)!

3. Buy a percussion massage tool (this piqued my interest!)

A percussion massage tool is a deep tissue massager used to treat every type of pain, injury, or muscle group. My shoulder pain actually got so bad, I ended up in my local physical therapist’s office where they used a Theragun G3 Pro on me. I LOVED IT. The second I got home I went online to buy a Theragun and was slapped with the HIGH cost, ouch!

Then began my journey of buying… and returning… what seemed like an endless amount of percussion massage tools we found online, until we got the Sonic LX percussion massage gun. Not only was this Sonic LX as good as the Theragun Pro experience, but it was actually BETTER because I could not only change the SPEEDS, but also change the HEADS on the tool itself, which made massaging different muscles and areas of the body so easy! Check out all the heads in this video:

LifePro Sonic LX Professional Percussion Massage Gun

How to Use the SonicLX Massager

Check out all the tutorial videos for your varying muscles and body parts at:

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