Best Noise-Canceling Headphones 2020

Are you looking for the best over-ear, noise-canceling, Bluetooth headphones? Between all the daily calls we have with clients at Coursenvy and the course video lectures we edit, we have gone through just about every type of headphones out there… wireless Airpods, Bluetooth receivers, standard 3.5mm wired over-ear headphones, standard wired earphones, and many more!

So after all these headphones, we have used over the years, we finally found a clear winner… the mu6 Space 2 Smart Active Noise Canceling Headphones! The advanced active noise cancellation truly blocks out every sound at the tap of a button. You can toggle from noise-canceling mode (blocking all nearby sound, i.e. co-workers, TV, etc) to transparency mode (blocking most nearby sound, but I can still hear someone calling my name… noise-canceling mode is truly blocked). Just watch this example:

The mu6 Space 2 headphones are super-strong, I have dropped them several times and they are holding up strong. Plus they fold up and easily store in the zip-up case that comes with them. They are also specially designed for wearing with all-day comfort (notice the angle of the over-ear part that makes the fit over your ears perfect).

There is also a Smart Sensor Control on the outside of the right ear headphone. This enables smart touch for receiving calls, switching songs, and adjusting the volume. Besides the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless design, you can also plug in a 3.5mm jack wire to plugin when your headphones battery dies. But that said, the battery lasts just over 24 hours!

Watch our unboxing video below and make sure to learn more about the mu6 Space 2 headphones at: ***ADD THIS COUPON CODE FOR $10 OFF: udemy10

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