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Selling on Amazon has become the business of choice for many entrepreneurs. In order to take your Amazon arbitrage, Amazon private label, or Amazon FBA business to the next level, using the BEST Amazon software is crucial! We have tested it all and we have found a ton a terrible… so why focus out time there! Check out the following tools that help take out Amazon sales to the next level.

1. Jungle Scout

We use Jungle Scout daily for all our clients who sell on Amazon. Jungle Scout is the easiest way to find products that sell, in niches where opportunity is high, with real Amazon sales data to back it up!

Click here to check out all the Jungle Scout tools available!

We use all their tools to navigate the FAST growing Amazon marketplace and filter through thousands of items and find out what sells.  With Jungle Scout we can stay ahead of the competition and new product ideas with real Amazon sales data (across several international Amazon marketplaces). Check out these case study videos to learn how to use Jungle Scout:

Check out all these FREE resources at Jungle Scout, including: niche product ideas, Amazon Seller courses/webinars, sales estimators, and more!

2. Fetcher “FETCHES”, calculates and displays the accounting and bookkeeping metrics that matter to your Amazon business. Before Fetcher, I was using Excel spreadsheets and didn’t have a solid handle on my Amazon business expenses/income. Amazon Seller Central “business reports” are confusing and too time-consuming to export and then realign for the accounting data I needed. to figure out myself. Fetcher is now my automatic solution I can check in on daily… quarterly for taxes… or whenever I want to see all the numbers I need!

Click here for a one month FREE TRIAL of Fetcher!

Watch this webinar below to see the Fetcher software in action:

3. Jump Send & Salesbacker

This is a close TIE for my Amazon email management software. Jump Send provides a simple way to send automated emails to your Amazon customers. It allows you to send fully customizable emails at at specific times/dates after customers make a purchase! Check out Jump Send here.

Click here for a FREE TRIAL of Jump Send!

Salesbacker automatically emails your Amazon customers to help you get more product reviews and increase your seller feedback count. I currently use Salesbacker and LOVE IT! But that said, I do use Jump Send for several clients and I really enjoy the ease and UI of that software as well.

Check out my in-depth review of Salesbacker and get a 60-Day FREE trial here:

BONUS: How to Find the TOP 10,000 Selling ASIN’s in Every Amazon Category

This bonus link contains reports for the top ~10,000 ASINs in a category by sales velocity on Please click on the following link to download the report for the corresponding category in Microsoft Excel!

Click this link to see all the Amazon categories:


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