9 Steps for YouTube SEO & YouTube Channel Mastery

Did you know that nearly 70% of ALL web traffic comes from video?

So if you aren’t using YouTube yet for your company or brand…now is the time! Here are my 9 STEPS for Getting your Videos to RANK on YouTube and how to optimize your YouTube SEO!

Updated 12/9/2019

1. Awesome Titles

-Keep them short and to the point – Less than 10 words is ideal (under 100 characters) e.g. How To Be A Social Media Marketing Expert

2. Fill out Descriptions

-The first 150-160 characters will act as the Google Search meta description. Have your target keyword worked into this meta description part of your description naturally.

-Add a Call to Action and your first link right after 160 characters.

-Add additional info about the video, your website, your services, etc. (they allow 4850 characters so use it…it can only help you rank better for various keywords!)

-Finish the description with links to all your other services and social media links.

3. Tag Tag Tag

-YouTube allows up to 500 characters for the tag section, SO USE IT ALL!

-Specific Tags: These are specific keywords that someone would type directly into the YouTube search bar, such as “how to choose a domain name”

-Single Word Tags: These are keywords that describe your videos general field of interest, such as “domains”, “godaddy” or “website”.

4. Video Thumbnail

-Include Text: As your video gets shared and embedded more and more on the internet, most of the posts won’t include the video title, rather just the embedded thumbnail image. So your custom thumbnail must do a perfect job of getting people to click your video alone!

-Review your Thumbnail at Small Scale: Before you upload your custom thumb it’s a good idea to check how it looks shrunk down to 120 x 68 pixels. This is the size it will appear in the related videos sidebar, so you will want to be able to easily read the text at that size.

5. Audience Retention

-How long people spend watching your video is the most important ranking factor for YouTube; it is referred to as “Audience Retention”. The longer you get people to watch you videos, the better they will rank!

-Use the powerful psychological trigger called “opening the loop”. This taps into the brains compulsive need to finish things!

-Open the loop in the first few seconds of your videos with an “outline” of what is to come in the video. EX: “In this video we’ll take a look at how to do X, Y, and Z”

6. Tell Users What to Do Next

-The more people who like, share and comment on your video or subscribe to your channel the BETTER your video will perform in the rankings!

-Simple ask for what you want right in the audio of your video… AND also request what you want via CARDS and ANNOTATION pop-ups right in the video.

7. Make Sure Subtitles are Turned On for Each Video

-My videos that have CC/Subtitles enabled rank better!


-YouTube does not outright say it, but from my experience, I believe they rank videos higher that use the YouTube / Google AdSense monetization program. Enable YouTube Monetization under: Channel < Monetization

9. Blast Market Videos Early

-YouTube will send an elevated amount of traffic to your video the first week to test engagement, comments, likes, shares, etc. If it doesn’t produce well that first week, it is going to have a hard time ever ranking well!

-Make that first week magical! Share this video on EVERY social media account, email it to customers or newsletter subscribers, share it in blog posts, etc.

BONUS: What is the Secret to YouTube SEO? https://www.coursenvy.com/youtube-seo




Thanks again from Coursenvy!

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