The 3 Keys to Making AMAZING Facebook Ads

Quality and Presentation

Before you even begin to advertise your product, page, or other content, you have to be fittingly prepared to do so. For starters, you must have an adept and alluring website. Look professional, no one is going to spend their money on a sketchy site. Another important factor is your brand. Find an attractive logo (make it unique and creative, something that will stick with people). Get a great name for brand (if it doesn’t have one already). Really think outside of the box, if you sell tech products don’t call it “John’s tech products”, call it Mechanics and Machinery. Lastly, you will need an immensely appealing product, yes I know this should go without saying, but there are so many poorly manufactured products on the Internet that I cannot stress this enough.

If you are unsure how to achieve this, start by getting your aesthetics down. Everybody loves a product with a clean, smooth and modern design. White and black are good colors to go with when selling any kind of machinery. You can choose any color, shape and size, as long as it is neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Targeting and Tracking

First and foremost, advertising will never work for you if you don’t target the right people. There are many different ways to target your Facebook ad audience:

-You may target anyone and everyone who visits your website.

-You can target and exclude specific web pages on your site.

-You may do the same, but with sections on your website.

-Target Interests: This is good to use as a foundation for your ad targeting, but you should layer other features over this one in order for it to be effective.

-Target Behaviors: Facebook detects behaviors not only on their site, but on trusted third party websites. In this manner, they can track what a user buys, what sites they visit, what device they use, travel preferences, and so on. Facebook provides a well-organized list of behaviors for you to choose from.

-Target people in your email lists (targeting and excluding is an option).

-You may also target using lookalike audiences. When you use this method you should choose a user you consider to be your ideal public, and Facebook will find accounts with the same behavior/interests and target those people.

-You can target through connection, target people who follow or like users who are comparable to your account.

-Location: Target any country, state/province, city, or zip code. You can include cities within a selected mile radius (this feature is not yet available in all countries). You may also exclude locations.

-Demographics: This includes age, gender and language.

-Advanced Demographics: These include topics such as relationship (interested in, relationship status), education (education level, fields of study, schools, undergrad years), work (employers, job titles, industries, office type), financial (income, net worth), home (home type, home ownership, home value, household composition), ethnic affinity, generation, parents (mothers, fathers), politics (based on location) and life events.

Secondly, track your ads progress, conversions (Custom or Standard Events), traffic, etc. Track this by using both Google Analytics, and Facebook pixel, because google analytics does not track all clicks and conversions.

Lastly, target your audience using Facebook ad funnels in this order: 1) website data (clicks, video views or engagement), 2) e-mail collection and finally, 3) sale.


Test all the ad targeting, types of ads, ad formats, and places for your advertisement. You need to experiment! Try testing different methods all at once with different ads to get all the results you need without wasting your time. How, you may ask. By using Facebook’s new built in split testing tool.

Here are some other elements you should consider testing and finding out what works best for you:

1. Ad types:

-Carousel: Use a series of images in one ad, allowing users to swipe left and right through the pictures. This creates more engagement with your post, and therefore more traffic.

-Image: Just like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Get the most out of your ad by including an engaging visual. Aesthetics must always be kept in mind for each and every one of your ads (in the area of imagery).

-Video: These are great tools for view increase, conversions, and engagement. Of course, all visuals attract the attention of any user. The hard part is getting them to stay there. That is why your video must stand out! This means you must have an attention grabbing thumbnail, intro, outro, narrator, narration, and description.

-Link: To get conversions and traffic, this is probably the most effective thing to do. When you include a video, you are likely to get views and engagement, but traffic to your website and sales might not be as good.

For all of the previous types, you should have a very strategic description including at least two of these elements; a call-to-action, an offer with a sense of urgency (2 for 1, a discount on your first purchase, free trial, using all caps, etc.), a straight to the point order, and most importantly it must follow the “20% rule”  – meaning it should never take up more than 1/5 of your advertisement.

2. Ad Format:

-Desktop News Feed Ad: These ads usually get further engagement due to their size and its indisputable presence. Users are more likely to click on it because they are using a desktop which is easier for surfing the web and shifting through tabs.

-Right column ad: These are often the cheapest ads you can buy on Facebook, though it is often overlooked by advertisers. The fact that it remains on the right side the entire time you are scrolling through your feed increases the chance of viewers to see your ad.

-Mobile News Feed Ad: These also receive a lot of engagement due to the immense number of mobile users who are currently active on Facebook, Instagram and Audience network

3. Places for your ad:

-Facebook is a great choice. It currently has two billion people using it every month.

-Instagram has 500 million people using the app each month.

-With Facebook’s Audience Network, advertisements can reach beyond Facebook and into other mobile apps.


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