17 Elements of a Sales Page for Online Courses

This post includes the top 17 element we include on the sales pages of our online courses… but these elements can apply to ALL sales pages online.

1. great headline 
2. stats – backup your claims
3. images – high quality graphics
4. about – why people want to learn from you, tie in your story to benefits from what you are selling, and why trust you
5. press logos – where have you been featured, CLOUT
6. video – quick tutorials/tours
7. course outline – focus on typing YOU 
8. pricing compare – what value at each tier
9. pricing tiers – intro offer and VIP
10. bonus – 2-3 bonus items
11. testimonials 
12. guarantee – 30 or 60 day, but hold them accountable
13. payment options – discount $997 or 12 mo $97
14. call to action – tell people exactly what you want them to do “click here to enroll” bright and stands out
15. live chat – offer instant help or FAQ section
16. countdown timer
17. who is this for – be specific 

BONUS: Include automatic email sequence for new students about getting back in the course and offering help… continue to offer value and upsell when fitting!

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